Why Art Matters

04 April 2021

To state that lockdown has been difficult is the polar opposite of a controversial opinion. Many have found this past year challenging and isolating. It is in these extraordinary times, we are reminded that humans are social creatures. We serve a purpose; to enrich each other’s lives. Although we are currently physically isolated, different forms of art have played a huge role in allowing us to still be able to connect with one another.

Art all around us?

‘Art’ is a very loose term to describe a variety of mediums and ways of self expression. Although we are currently unable to consume more traditional forms, such as visiting the National Art Gallery to admire Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus, or the Piccadilly Theatre to sing along to Moulin Rouge: The Musical, consuming art has kept us sane. We’re sure that many of you have binge-watched a variety of shows on Netflix, read books before sleeping, or shared digital art/photography that took your fancy on social media. Every day you are consuming different forms of art. 

So, what’s the big deal about that?

Art reminds us of our humanity. Our ability to empathise with seemingly strangers through colours, motifs, and sound. Art reminds us of beauty in the world. The gorgeous nature paintings and stunning online fashion shows. It can be a form of catharsis. Be it laughing at a virtual live comedy special or bawling your eyes out to a sad song. It is an escape from reality. Surrealist novels or sci-fi video games that stimulate our numbed minds. For some of us even, it’s a way of expressing complex emotions. During lockdown many have started journals, writing poems, mixing music, and having fun with makeup. We then talk about art with each other. Resulting us still being able to share experiences from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Consuming and enjoying Art is so important to us.  

Why are you telling me this?

Lately it seems a lot easier to look on the lousy side of things. So instead, we should take a moment to thank all the different artists for their support during the pandemic. Of course Myrooms praises the healthcare and essential workers who have laboured tirelessly over the past year to ensure our physical wellbeing. However little has been said to those who have helped our emotional wellbeing. This is our love letter to all of those that have shared their craft with us and kept us feeling human.

Thank you for your creativity.


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