What do we love about London?

16 May 2021

London is one of the cities in the UK where you can feel the effects of the pandemic most. Reliant on tourism, commuters, and immigration, London has become a shell of what it once was. As a many moved their quarantine base outside of the city. But as things slowly open up again, and the light at the end of the tunnel is now visible, London will slowly go back to the same vitality it had before March 2020. It’s hard to remember what life in the capital was once like before all this, but we need to remind ourselves why London is so popular. Here are a few things the Myrooms team have said they like about London.


We have some interesting names for some of the London underground lines. Such as ‘The Hell Line’ (Circle) or ‘The Misery Line’ (Northern). However it cannot be disputed that London has one of the best transport connections in the world. No matter where you live in the city, there are always bus and train links to where you need to get to. Many cities and towns are heavily car reliant or do not have 24-hour transport. Whereas living in London provides easy access to all and which is fantastic.

Multiculturalism and population

One of the things that makes London so great is the variety of people living in it. Chances are that if you work within the city,  some of your colleagues are not British. You get a chance to hear different languages, cultural values, and upbringing stories. Which is a great experience to have as it broadens your own understanding of the world and gives you an international scope. Multiculturalism brings us new foods to try, new music to hear, and new fashion to see. Furthermore, with a population of 9 million people, you will never get bored as there is always someone new to meet. It’s a great city to continuously network, build connections, and find different subcultures to immerse yourself in.

One city, multiple vibes

Although London is one huge metropolitan city, you can easily find subsections and different ways of life within it. If you want to experience punks and bustling markets, you can head to Camden Lock. If you want a quieter, more scenic area, there is Barbican. For nightlife and Asian cuisine, you go to Soho. There is a place in London for everyone. That’s also why it is such a fun city to explore as you continue to find different pockets with different vibes. With the ever-changing landscape, a place you visited a year or two ago could be completely transformed now.

It’s a weird city

‘Weird’ in the best way! Because of its population size and fast-paced life, people have the freedom to be a little bit weird in public. Think of all the times you saw performers in colourful apparel showcasing unique talents, drunk people singing in the rain, the weird and wonderful clothing people from different subcultures proudly wear. In a smaller town, this may generate some unwarranted stares and talk. But in London, it’s just another day. We love living in a city that allows people to be their authentically weird selves.


I could continue to list all the things we at Myrooms love about London. However if that were the case the list would go on and on. There is the fashion, the history, its institutions – it goes on and on! As we gradually re-open a variety of industries once unavailable to us, London will look less like a ghost town and more like the vibrant, loud city we know it to be. Although slightly toned down now, we know it will return to being a city highly sought after to live in. I for one, cannot wait.
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