Top 3 Spots to Get Your Burger Fix in London

17 March 2017

When you’ve had your fair share of London’s decadent fish and chips, sometimes only a burger will do. There are plenty of hot spots around town, but how do you separate the magnificent from the mundane? Even if you had years to spend exploring the seemingly endless eatery options, you couldn’t possibly hit them all. We’ve narrowed the list down for you, so start by giving these burger joints a try.
  1. Honest Burgers: Simplicity and the freshest ingredients are what makes Honest Burgers stand out. When you’ve got top quality, dry-aged beef and produce from right around the corner, you don’t need fussy sauces and outrageous combinations. With multiple locations in the city and outlying areas, you’re sure to find an Honest nearby.
Don’t Miss: The Tribute pays homage to the classic burger and it’s loaded with all the good stuff. An inches-thick patty is topped with smoky bacon, creamy American cheese, and a slightly spicy burger sauce. Forget the napkins: You’ll need a bib.

The Tribute Burger at Honest Burgers London
  1. The Admiral Codrington: Serving up traditional pub grub alongside epicurean delights, the range of dishes at The Admiral Codrington will impress and amaze you. But you’re here for burgers and you’re in luck if you stop by on Tuesday Burger Night. Chefs dedicate the day to creating an innovative, mouthwatering special that combines surprising flavors. Ever tried a pork and chorizo patty topped with shrimp and bacon-aise? Prepare to have your mind blown.
Your Go-To: The namesake Admiral Burger is the hands-down favorite at this joint. The brioche bun is loaded with Black Angus beef, Montgomery Cheddar cheese, thick-cut bacon, and a special blend of BBQ sauce. Served with hand-cut chips on the side, you may well get a second – or third – meal out of this dish.
  1. Haché: As it should, the meat takes center stage at Haché. You can go basic or ballistic with various available toppings, but all burgers start with the finest 100 percent prime Scotch steak. You have the choice of ciabatta or brioche as a foundation, then choose your style: Mexican, Italian, Canadian, and Bavarian are local favorites.
Pure Indulgence: The Steak le Truffle burger is more than a meal – it’s an experience. Go with the ciabatta bun option for this aged beef patty, topped with the Chef’s own truffled Gruyere cheese creation, sweet truffle-infused balsamic glaze, and pickled onions. Make sure to order a side of truffle aioli to go with the Haché Frites.