Top Places to People-Watch – No Matter Where You’re Travelling

27 November 2017

There is perhaps no better way to truly immerse yourself in a culture than to relax and watch passers-by as they go about their daily business. But to get the most out of people-watching, you need to steer clear of the tourist traps and attractions: Though these destinations are an absolute must-do when you’re visiting a new place, you’re not likely to come across the people that actually live there. After you hit the tour guide hot spots, try these on for size.
The Bustling Street Café: Every neighborhood has a java joint where locals stop by to get to get some fuel for their day of work, school, errands, or fun. Kick back with a cup of coffee at a street café and watch the magic unfold.
  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Coffee makes a great first date, so look for couples meeting up for their initial, introductory get-together. The ensuing awkwardness is both delightful and charming.

The Humble Park Bench: We recommend getting out in the fresh air whenever possible when you’re traveling, and it just so happens that the great outdoors also offers excellent people-watching. Pop a squat on a park bench and take in the view.
  • Be on the Lookout: Parks are a popular destination for school groups on educational jaunts, and younger children are especially fun to watch when they’re out of the classroom. Their joy is contagious.
The Sports Pub: Kill two birds with one stone as you enjoy refreshments and people-watch at the corner sports bar. Every culture has its favorite athletic pastime, and you’ll have a blast observing fans as they cheer on their teams and engage in the wacky rituals sure to bring a victory.
  • Belly Up Next To: Anyone enthusiastically watching cricket. Not only can they explain the rules, but you’ll be entertained for the entire afternoon – matches last several hours over multiple days.
Where do you enjoy people-watching when traveling? We’d love to hear your ideas.