Tips for first time flat-sharing

30 May 2021

Sharing your first home with others outside of your support network is always a memorable one. We learn a lot of things about ourselves and other people when we flat-share. Working lives, cleaning preferences, relaxation styles – the list is infinite. Some people realise early on that they easily fit into a flat-share. Others struggle. If you find the thought of flat-sharing intimidating, Myrooms has some advice to aid you! Gathered from our own past flat-share experiences, read below for our tips for first-time flat-sharing;


The key to any relationship, be it a romantic or co-living one, is communication. When you first begin to live with new people, it tests these skills. Your ability to get across your wants and feelings in a way that someone with a different way of thinking will be able to understand. Although Person 1 may introduce the topic of someone not washing their dishes in a blunt, sharp way, Person 2 may misinterpret it as anger. Therefore, to get a better sense of how your flatmates communicate, make sure to actively listen to how they approach conflict or expressing their desires. Try to find middle ground and if all else fails; communicate with your flatmates how you would like to be notified of things.


One harsh reality we discover when we move out from our families/support units is that not everything can go our way. Not everyone is raised to the same standards that you have been, for better and for worse. We naturally tend to assume that our way is The Right Way. But living with other people means you have to compromise sometimes. It’s important that you respect others’ space and wants as you would like them to do for you. Additionally, when everyone makes an effort, it allows people to adjust their standards a little more to accommodate everyone in the house.

Team effort

One way to fit smoothly into a new flat-share is by showing your flatmates that you also want this house to be a home. Keep communal spaces organised, pitch in with household errands, and bring decor to add to the atmosphere. Little actions like these go a long way in helping you come across as a valuable member of the team.


Even if you want to keep a line between housemate and friend, a sense of community in the house is important. Fostering a good community within your shared space with the above points is a great way to start. Perhaps you may find that through effective communication, you and a housemate have similar hobbies. Through compromise you may see that although you prefer just cooking, another prefers just washing dishes. And through team effort you demonstrate to your housemates that you want to be part of this home. In this way, we hope that you have an enjoyable flat-share experience. Furthermore, that you leave with more knowledge as you continue to navigate the adult world into your next home. In short, flat-sharing can be done right and be beneficial to developing your social skills. So we at Myrooms wish you a happy home-hunting.