Things To Do And See In London

22 June 2020

If you are planning on relocating to London, you are in for a treat as London is such a vibrant, multicultural city with so many things to do and see. As the capital of both the UK and England, London is a huge metropolis with more than eight million people. Many people travel to London every year and fall in love with its uniquely British charm. To make the most of your move to London, here are some fun and interesting things to do and see in London:

Things To Do In London

Walk- you can start by walking from Paddington station, through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Parks, then finally reach the Trafalgar Square. There are many things to see and foods to try along the way.

Watch Theatres- areas around Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Haymarket, and Shaftesbury Avenue are known as premier destinations for theatres. The South Bank is home to the Globe Theatre and the National Theatre.

Watch Football Matches- London is widely popular for its football clubs, including Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Fulham, Watford, and Crystal Place. Popular football stadiums in London include Stamford Bridge, Emirates Stadium, London Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. If you are a huge fan of these Premier League clubs, it’s a great reason to visit London.

Winter Skating- London is a popular winter destination and there are outdoor ice rinks to visit. If you find rinks overcrowded and overpriced, it’s still interesting just to see people skate.

Things To See In London

Buckingham Palace- the official residence of the kings and queens of the United Kingdom. The palace is open for tours only during the summer months. Even if you can’t go in, it’s still a must see.

London Eye- the third largest observation wheel in the world with magnificent views over London, situated on the bank of Thames river.

Piccadilly Circus- another popular spot in London and visitors can take pictures near the statue of Eros.

Tower Bridge- an iconic landmark of London, built in the 19th century. It features a drawbridge and high towers.

Tower Of London- constructed nearly 1,000 years ago, it contains the highly treasured Crown Jewels. Once used as prison and execution site for condemned English noblemen, the Tower of London is considered haunted.

Trafalgar Square- the square commemorates the victory of the English fleet under Admiral Horatio Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar. Visitors may take pictures near the Nelson’s Column.

Westminster Abbey- Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben are perhaps the most iconic sights of London. It’s the seat of the UK parliament and also a World Heritage site. Visitors may also watch parliamentary debates in the Palace of Westminster.

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