The Next Stage of Reopening; Excited or Nervous?

18 April 2021

We hear a lot of talk surrounding how excited we are to ‘get things back to normal’. It’s only natural that we miss the freedoms we took for granted before. Whether it was meeting friends down at the pub for a drink, or even something as small as hugging a loved one. However one thing that we’re not really addressing, as we move to the next stage of reopening, is the anxiety that bubbles up along with the excitement.

Feeling like a weirdo?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, humans are amazing in the way we can adapt to any circumstance. Now with over a year of abnormal life, we’ve become accustomed to these restrictions. Many young people, who haven’t been able to properly socialise in-person in months, feel nervous interacting face-to-face with their friends again. Fear of becoming ‘stupider’ over lockdown and bungling up simple grammar, fear of oversharing, fear of just being a weirdo. But remember; if everyone’s a little bit weird – then no one is!

Presenting yourself to the world again

Gyms are now reopening after a lockdown winter. Many have been feeling anxious about possible weight gain or not keeping up with their exercise. Lockdown has been the Age of Bread. Although we’re enjoying living our patisserie chef fantasy, we’re also noticing the extra pounds. Not only are we allowed to meet in small groups again, but we also have the old pressure of “I should really get back to the gym”. Amplified even further by the excitement and wait for their reopening. However we must remember to be kind to ourselves. Our body took this time to rest and enjoy good, homemade food. To punish it with over-exercise or guilt does not help.

It still doesn’t feel like ‘normal’

Yes we are able to visit non-essential shops, eat outdoors with friends and family, and go to the hairdressers again. Nevertheless, April 12th is not so different from April 11th. The pandemic continues and some feel anxious about taking advantage of these new liberties. This is why it’s key to continue observing the government guidelines and social distancing, wear a mask indoors, and take advantage of the rapid test centres opening up across the country.

In conclusion

This article was not written to scare you or put you at unease. By talking about our fears we help identify and deal with them. We promise you that you are not the only one who worries about how to act around people again, or still feel skittish in crowds. Things are starting to open up again and London is waiting to be explored; but in your own time and at your own pace.

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