The History Behind Tower Hill

06 June 2021

Myrooms is very lucky recently with our fabulous new listings across Tower Hill. Easily one of the most recognisable areas in the heart of London, it’s an incredibly attractive area to rent a room in. As it is one of the oldest parts of London, this week’s blog takes a dive into the rich history behind Tower Hill.

The beginning

Unsurprisingly, the origin of the name Tower Hill is fairly self-explanatory. As the area of Tower Hill applies to the high ground north of the Tower of London. However archaeological evidence shows that settlements around the area date back to the Bronze Age! Tower Hill is also home to one of the oldest churches in London. The All-Hallows-by-the-Tower, recognisable by its distinct Romanesque architecture, was established in 675. You can visit this historical building in Byward Street, overlooking the Tower of London. The actual Tower that marks this London borough was built in the 1070s. When William the Conqueror built the awe-inspiring stone tower at the centre of his London fortress.

A dark history

There are plenty of great things to do in Tower Hill. Historical sights such as Jewel House or London Wall are a moment’s walk away. Nearby is the business hub of London. With tall glass buildings and trendy hangout spots such as the Sky Garden. Additionally, you can enjoy a walk by the River Thames and the variety of pubs, bars, and restaurants dotted around the area. However Tower Hill holds a sordid past. With many people believing the Tower of London and its surrounding areas are homes to spirits of the past.

The gory parts

Several executions took place in and around the Tower of London. Those who went against the Tudor monarchy met their fate here. High profile cases and offending nobles had the privilege of private executions within the tower walls. For example, Anne Boleyn was beheaded in the Tower Green palace. Her execution site is a public landmark now. However most executions, a great spectacle at the time, took place by the tower open to public viewing. The most common execution method in this area was beheading. But there were other means. For instance, in 1532 three people were hung for coining. The crime of making counterfeit coins was viewed as treason back then. Now an area filled with public gardens and houses, it is no wonder some speculate these places are haunted due to its bloody history.

Tower Hill Now

Although harbouring an eerie past, Tower Hill is now a booming area of London. As it is one of the oldest boroughs of London, its rich history allowed a variety of tourist hotspots to appear in this area. Its location near the River Thames and development in the late 1900s saw hospitality venues flourish. And the business district and excellent transportation links means variety of people passing through every day. It will be interesting to see how this ancient district continues to develop, and what historical landmarks will be added to the list of things to see in the area.


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