The History Behind South Kensington

21 June 2021

Myrooms is renting some fabulous rooms in South Kensington. The cosmopolitan area is home to many cultural institutions. Such as the V&A, National History, and Science museums. Not to mention a variety of dining scenes. Ranging from chain restaurants to upscale South East Asian and European cuisine. It’s no shock that when moving to London, rooms to rent in this borough are popular. Thus, we’ve put together a short history of South Ken.

Fruit and Veg

Before 1850, South Kensington was an agricultural area. The large green spaces made this spot ideal for supplying fruit and vegetables to the rest of London. Therefore, many of these garden markets are still part of South Ken’s current landscape. Probably another reason why many people find this borough so pleasant! The first instance of South Kensington’s development into a modern district was in the 1700s. As a main highway was built west out of London. Allowing for easy travel in and out of the area and non-locals passing through. Although it was the 1851 Great Exhibition that brought big changes to South Ken.

The Great Exhibition, 1851

From this year onward, South Kensington transformed from rural land into a cultural hub. Organised by Prince Albert, aiming to showcase the best of the British Empire’s design and manufacturing industries. The event took place in Hyde Park and was reported to be a huge success. Afterwards, an 87-acre area was purchased by commissioners of the exhibition. This land became the base for institutions dedicated to the arts and sciences. This is why today we have museums, a technological university, and much more here.

The boom keeps booming

After the success of the Great Exhibition, property developers noticed the emerging trendiness of the area. Naturally, they sought to take advantage of this. During the 1860s, roads and residential homes were built. What was once market gardens became a series of hospitals nearby Fulham Road. Furthermore, London was growing its underground network. In 1868, South Kensington and Gloucester Road underground stations opened. Now there were transport links to the political Westminster. Therefore South Ken became a prominent area in the heart of London City.

South Kensington Today

South Kensington remains a popular area for Londoners and tourists alike. Now with a growing French community, more and more high-end French dining scenes are popping up. As well as boutiques, cool fashion, and many cafes with pavement seating. It feels like London’s own little slice of continental Europe! With little treats such as the Saturday farmers market on Bute Street, it’s no wonder why people flock to this area. If you are someone looking to relocate to South Ken, contact a Myrooms flat-share agent to find your place in this eclectic area of London.

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