The 4 Best Things To Do In London This Spring

16 March 2020

If you are just visiting the UK for the first time, or you are relocating to London, you are going to experience one of the most culturally and historically interesting places in the world. London offers stunning architecture, exciting nightlife, a wide range of restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities that are truly world class. You can choose to visit historical monuments such as Big Ben, The Tower Of London and Buckingham Palace, see a show at one of London’s many renowned theatres, or you could enjoy strolling down the London streets, always finding something interesting along the way.

Moving to London can be exciting and equally daunting as well. For many, a larger city means increased anxiety, but fortunately, London is different. London is full of friendly faces and there is always someone who can help you find whatever it is you are looking for.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the best things to do in London this spring. Let’s get started:

Portobello Road Market- when you want to spend the day shopping, there is no better place in London than the Portobello Road Market. It is located in the posh Notting Hill neighbourhood and it features more than 1,000 merchants, all selling a wide range of goods.

The London Eye- located on the River Thames, the London Eye is the giant Ferris wheel which features incredible 360-degree views of the city. The London Eye is popular with both tourists and locals alike.

Buckingham Palace- any time you are in London, you have to visit Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth II, and tours are offered in the late spring and summer. While you don’t get access to every part of the palace, you will get to see the 19 State Rooms where the queen and members of the royal family host guests for official affairs.

Tower Of London- the Tower of London is another famous London landmark, which is perfect for everyone from the tourist, to the history buff. With 12 explorable towers and plenty of seasonal exhibitions, the Tower of London is a great way to get to know the city’s history.

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