Take the Trip, Leave the Jet Lag at Home

23 October 2017

Crowded airports. Lost luggage. Hours-long layovers. They’re all the worst, but there’s one thing that travelers dread every time they face a long distance journey: Jet Lag. Whether it’s a trip for business or pleasure – or even the vacation of a lifetime – your internal clock doesn’t care. You’ve just crossed multiple time zones and your body will catch up when it feels like it, thank you very much. Not so fast, Circadian Rhythms: We’ve got the tips you need to beat jet lag before it ruins your next trip.
Before Your Flight: 
Comfort is king, so splurge when booking your seat. Whichever your preference – aisle or window – get the spot you want, even if it means spending a little more. You can also start adjusting your bedtime by a few hours to ease the transition to a new time zone. When packing your carry-on, include an empty water bottle that you can take through security. You’re going to need it.

At the Airport: 
Arrive on time, so you’re not rushed – but not so early that you end up hanging around the airport with nothing to do. Boredom is exhausting. You probably already know to avoid drinking too much booze before your flight, but steer clear of coffee as well. Dehydration is already an issue on long plane trips, and both will make it worse. And while we’re on the topic, fill up that water bottle.

In the Air: 
Dress as comfortably as you can without looking like you just stepped out of bed. Even if you can’t sleep, binding clothes will make it impossible to relax. Continue to avoid caffeine and alcohol, and eat light during the flight. A full stomach is 10 times more uncomfortable at 40,000 feet. Remember that water? Sip it early, sip it often. That whole dehydration thing.

When You Arrive: 
First thing’s first: Set your watch to the local time zone, or make sure your smart phone is set to do it automatically. It’s easier to adjust when you can convince your brain what time it is. Upon arrival, do your best to stay awake until around your regular bed time – head to a place where the commotion is rampant and the energy is contagious if you need to. Forcing your body to get on a regular sleep schedule today makes for a better tomorrow.
What did we miss – do you have any tried-and-true tricks for beating jet lag?