South Ken proving an area of both Style and Substance

21 August 2015

If you asked a Londoner to describe South Kensington in one word? Chances are they would say one word, rich.

But rich can mean many things. South Kensington has some of the most expensive real-estate in the whole of the capital. Where a parking space can sell for £200,000 and the houses are beautifully designed pieces of original Victorian architecture. Even the rooms to rent are quite expensive if you wish to flatshare in South Ken. The whole area oozes class and the well-kept streets are littered with upmarket shops, bars and restaurants. Watch in the summer as the streets are packed full of glamorous people eating and drinking on small tables in the sun, which will remind you of a scene more accustomed to other European cities like Barcelona or Paris.

South Kensington earned its wealthy status after the Great Exhibition in 1851. The men behind the exhibition had a vision of creating a home for growing the arts and sciences and they happened to choose here. Now, it is host to five world class institutions and some of London’s best attractions. The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and the breathtaking Royal Albert Hall can all be found along the Exhibition Road and are part of London’s rich DNA.

In terms of what to do. The many museums South Kensington have to offer needs to top your list. Although you would be foolish to sidestep a visit to one of London’s biggest royal parks – Hyde Park. The park boasts a boating lake, The Joy of Life fountain and the equally interesting Speakers corner where anyone can go to discuss or debate over topics ranging from religion to poetry to politics.

The area has so many fantastic restaurants; locals would recommend Bumpkin which is a British Brasserie to the highest caliber. The standard is so high though that a walk in to any of them surely will not disappoint. For shopping there is the ever-stylish Brompton Cross which caters for the very top end of shopping and every Saturday on Bute Street, you will find the farmers market which will be the destination for all foodies stocking the best local and organic fruit, veg and meat.

South Kensington is a place that many of the rich call home. But this south western area is rich in more ways than one.

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