Return to in person education; a new (old) way of learning

21 March 2021

As we all gathered to hear Downing Street’s announcement for the roadmap to end lockdown on February 22nd, there were mixed reactions to schools reopening as top priority. We know that schools have been a main source of increased transmission rates. Resulting with some fearing the same mistakes would be repeated. However, Myrooms sympathise deeply with university students who have spent a great chunk, or even all, of their studies confined to online learning. Many young people in education have expressed the importance for in-person learning. This is why we offer student rooms to let across central London with nearby public transport and major universities. With the return to university, we’ve gathered some handy tips for navigating a new way of learning in an old environment;

Plan ahead

One fantastic option now available across many universities is the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with tutors again. Although it’s not exactly like it was before. Dropping by the professor’s office during their open hours was the norm. The standard practice has now become to book a meeting with your tutor ahead of time. You will also have to get a negative COVID test beforehand. So know your schedule, book ahead, and make sure you have time to get your test.

Test, test, test!

The only way to control schools reopening is with frequent testing. Universities now supply rapid test kits to their students. You will know your results via email or text within the same day. If you will need to be on campus multiple times a week, universities advise their students to book a second test three days after your first test. Don’t be shy to use the resources provided to you! This ensures that you and those you come into contact with don’t pose a risk of infecting others.

Mask wearing and social distancing

Returning to university may fill you with a sense of familiarity or normalcy, but these are still abnormal times. Make sure to arrive at your campus masked up (unless you are medically exempt) and continue to observe social distancing guidelines. 

Get excited

The word ‘unprecedented’ has been said more times in the past year than some of you may have heard your entire lifetime. We all wish to return to the ‘old’ normal. Although procedures of how to conduct yourself at your university may have changed, and there are certainly aspects that you wish you could do now, it’s important not to get discouraged. Humans are wonderfully astute at adapting to any circumstance and the finish line is near. Keep following the rules, keep at your studies, and remember that nothing lasts forever. All of us here at Myrooms hope that we have been able to provide you with comfortable and stylish accommodation in the heart of London to help you with your online learning. That being said, we also understand that you cannot wait to get out of your room again (us too).

Happy studies to all.

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