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Simple double room for single use in Barleycorn Way, E14!

Available from April 06 2024

Room features


Looking to live in the ever-expanding Limehouse? Fancy being near the contemporary Canary Wharf? We have a double room for single use available for you! 

This room shares the same specifications as Unit A in this property. Meaning that it comes fully furnished with small double bed, wardrobe, and desk & chair. You will enjoy the warm tones of the wooden flooring and complementary furniture. 

Our favourite feature: Large windows that let plenty of natural light in! 

Water, Wi-Fi, and council tax are all partially included in the price. We also offer a complimentary cleaning service of the communal areas. 

The property itself is comprised of 5 bedrooms, communal kitchen, bathroom, and additional toilette. 

Situated in Barleycorn Way, Limehouse, residents enjoy the property's proximity to Central London and whilst being able to live in a quieter residential area. Along with local bus links, Limehouse DLR Station is a 10 minute walk away. Local shops and amenities are dotted around the property, and the ever growing Canary Wharf is just a 15 minute walk away. Including a shopping centre and a variety of trendy bars and restaurants, you're spoiled for choice living here. 


However please note that this is an advertisement for a room to rent within flat-share in London. If this is your first time flat-sharing in London, worry not. Our clients mainly consist of young professionals and corporate individuals and we aim to match you with like-minded persons for an enjoyable living experience.


To pay per week
Weekly rent
£ 186


To pay on move in
one of our 0 Deposit options or 5 weeks conventional deposit
Bills contribution
From a minimum of one week to a maximum of two weeks
Services and expenses
Room cleaning service (Opt.)
£25 (VAT excluded)

House rules

  • Perfect for students / professionals
  • Pets not allowed
  • Smoking not allowed

Myrooms Guarantee

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Myrooms Guarantee

*You are not paying anything now. You will only be charged once the booking is accepted.