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Spacious double room in King’s Cross, N1 0RU!

Available from June 08 2024

Room features


Myrooms couldn’t be any happier of this brand new double bedroom for single use with sofa part of a 4 bedroom flat in one of the most wanted areas in London: the gorgeous King’s Cross.

The flat, which boasts 3 double rooms for single, one en-suite, a fully furnished kitchen with a living room, and a modern bathroom.

Water, council tax, and Wi-Fi are partially included in the price. We also offer a complimentary cleaning service of the communal areas.

The flat is located less than 5 minutes walk from Kings Cross station, meaning licensees will be nearby a variety of underground, overground, and international train links. Hotspots of the area, including local shops and amenities, are also a short walk away from the property.

This lovely double room for single use is available now, so do not miss the chance to book an appointment with one of our agents.

However please note that this listing is for a room to rent within a flat-share in London. If this is your first time flat-sharing in London, worry not. Our clients mainly consist of young professionals and corporate persons. Therefore we aim to match you with like-minded flat-mates for an enjoyable living experience.