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Modest double room for single use in Streatham, South London SW16 3NZ

Available from February 07 2025

Room features

Double bed


We’re delighted to welcome to the market this charming double room. Fully furnished with double bed and wardrobe, the property is located in the diverse and residential district of Streatham.

The room is located on the first floor of this 2-story accommodation, along with a modern bathroom and 3 other bedrooms. On the ground floor, you will find the communal kitchen, dining/living area, and separate toilette. Alongside plenty of shared space indoors, tenants of this property will also enjoy a conservatory leading onto a large private garden.

Water, Wi-Fi, and council tax are all partially included in the price. We also offer a complimentary cleaning service of the communal areas.

Streatham benefits from being a large residential area, whilst also being nearby Croydon. Meaning those who chose to make their homes here enjoy quiet roads and proximity to plenty of South London eateries and nightlife. The property is less than a 10-minute walk from the large Streatham Commons, a large green space with gentle woodland. Local amenities are also readily available nearby. Streatham Commons Station, served by Southern Rail, and a variety of bus links are walking distance as well.

Please note, this is a listing for a room to rentwithin a flat-share in London. If this is your first time flat-sharing in London, worry not. Our clients are mainly young professionals and corporate persons. So we aim to match like-minded people for a great living experience.


To pay per week
£ 185


To pay on move in
one of our 0 Deposit options or 5 weeks conventional deposit
Bills contribution
From a minimum of one week to a maximum of two weeks
Services and expenses
Room cleaning service (Opt.)
£25 (VAT excluded)

House rules

  • Perfect for students / professionals
  • Pets not allowed
  • Smoking not allowed

Myrooms Guarantee

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Myrooms Guarantee

*You are not paying anything now. You will only be charged once the booking is accepted.