Preparing your co-living space for the winter

11 October 2021

Winter can be a tough period for many people. With the days drawing in, and the temperature dropping, it can be hard to adjust. The Myrooms Team have been discussing how they like to organise their space to accommodate the winter months, and we’ve compiled them into a short guide for you!

Insulate properly

When we’re cold, it’s hard to think about much else. Naturally, when you are living in rented accommodation/flat-shares, you can’t tear up the property as you’d like. However there are easy tricks to trap heat indoors. Rugs are well-known for keeping your feet warm as you walk around. But did you know, rugs add an additional layer of insulation by trapping cool air underneath. Thick curtains that cover the full window overnight also do the same trick. A heavy blanket or multiple thinner blankets on your sofas and beds will also help trap your body heat as well as add insulation. Like you do with your clothes over the winter, do the same to your flat – layer up!

Hot water bottles

Our flat-share tenants mainly consist of young professionals, corporate individuals, and students. Consequently we understand that a good chunk work/study from home.
A life saver in the coldest months, a hot water bottle in your lap whilst you work on the computer, or with you in bed whilst you sleep, is the best trick in the book. When we’re not moving we don’t exert as much body heat. Resulting in the cold temperature locking us into place and tensing our muscles. Having a hot water bottle with you when you will be sitting/laying for a while will help keep you feeling warm and relaxed. Not just physically relaxed either – like tea – holding warm things reduces mental stress too!


We all know that during the changing seasons going into colder weather, we become more susceptible to flu. One way to combat poor health is to make sure your kitchen is stocked with essential vitamins for the winter. Vitamin C and Zinc help boost the immune system which is vital in autumn. Additionally, as the sun sets earlier, Vitamin D supplements may be another good one to have in stock. Just remember to take them according to your body’s needs and not ‘over-do’ it.

Sunrise lamps

Speaking of shorter days, do you struggle with waking up in the morning when it’s still dark? A lot of people report difficulties with this and longer lay-in times. In 2019 a UK study found that the average person spends “an extra 24 hours in bed” over the winter months. If darkness is the problem, a sunrise alarm clock may be the solution. Known also as a ‘dawn simulation light’, this alarm clock emits an artificial light source integrated into a digital clock. Thereby imitating the gradual increase in light during sunrise. As we are naturally not evolved to wake up in darkness, mimicking sunrise in the early winter mornings makes it easier for us to wake up. We’ve attached a link explaining the scientific benefits of sunrise lamps in the sources of this blog if you’d like to learn more.

Hearty food

If you’re a soup-lover then winter is the season for you! Winter is the time of full-meals, big-meals, sit-down-meals – whatever you want to call it! Make sure your kitchen is equipped with essentials such as large pots for stews and soups, as well as baking trays for roasted seasoned vegetables. Additional kitchenware items we love are; food processors for making thick soups, pots for slow cooking meats/veg, and teapots with built in strainers for fresh herbal teas. So get creative in your kitchen this winter.


This article is not the be-all and end-all of preparing your rented property for the winter. If we missed anything that you personally find helpful, let us know via our Instagram (@myroomsuk), Facebook (Myrooms), or LinkedIn (Myrooms Team)!



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