Notting Hill, a neighbourhood full of colours to live in

07 November 2015

Notting Hill has always had a reputation of leaning towards the more arty and alternative. It has become something of a style icon and is famous for being the setting for a very popular Hollywood rom-com starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

But one of its biggest attractions is the Notting Hill Carnival, that crams this part of West London with over one million punters in August. Celebrating all things afro-Caribbean it is one the biggest parties in the world, let alone just in London.

It has come a long way to get where it is now, and the area is a melting pot of culture. You will find a brilliant ode to how cosmopolitan London has become and the streets are always a draw for all walks of life, exploring the quirky backroads taking in the unique vibe Notting Hill has. But it was not always this way. In 1958 the area was not a hotbed of culture but a place of crime and no hope and this reached the boil when the race riots kicked off after the Teddy Boys tacitly attacked five black men on the streets.

Visiting Notting Hill now, you could not be further from those dark days. There are incredible restaurants to eat, classy original shops to browse and more than your fair share of venues to drink and socialise in this picturesque part of West London. The rooms to rent in this area are affordable and they look pretty amazing. Nice properties and rooms can be found in Notting Hill and they have this specific colours know to the area.

For shopping, you would be silly to not take in the legendary Portobello Road Market that sells everything form antiques and vintage clothes to everyday needs like fruit and veg and is an excellent spot to grab some bargains. For risking something a little different for eating? There is the artisan Raw Food restaurant NAMA that serves only organic and vegan style dishes and has its own cold press juices and smoothies.

If live music is more of your thing? Head to Mau Mau Bar on Portobello road, which has an excellent sound system and a community-party atmosphere to match. Fans of theatre-look no further than The Gate Theatre which although more on the small and intimate spectrum it is one of the best places to catch a play.

With its rich and powerful history, great vibe and with tones to do, Notting Hill is way more than just a setting for the festival. It is a place that both Londoners and tourists appreciate and want to experience.

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