Mobile Apps for Extended Stay in a Foreign Country

17 June 2017

Traveling within a foreign country is a major adjustment, especially when your trip will involve an extended stay in unfamiliar territory. The good news is that there are tools that will help you get around – resources that you already use regularly for personal and professional use: Mobile and smartphone apps intended to assist travelers during their adventures abroad. Here are a few to consider.

  1.  Google Translate: The app version allows you to translate printed text from one language to another simply by taking a picture with your smartphone camera. Open the Google Translate app, set the original language and your own language, and the point your camera the target. With a click, you’re able to read signs, notes, or other written words in a foreign language.

  1.  Viber: An essential for staying in touch with friends and family throughout the world, you’ll appreciate this app even when at home. Viber is a communication tool that allows you to text and make phone calls with your smartphone whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi. For best results, users on both ends of the communication should install the app; however, there is a feature that allows you to call contacts even if they don’t have Viber.
  1.  iMetro: The public transportation maps for Create Linkmore than 90 cities throughout the globe are in the palm of your hand with iMetro. You can even input your starting point and destination to see the fastest route from station to station. Yes, it’s $1.99, but think of all the money you’ll save by using Viber to phone home.
It may take some time to become familiar with your new environs, but these mobile apps should help speed up the process. If you’re planning an extended stay trip and are still working out your long term accommodations, please contact a travel specialist at Myrooms or visit our website to review available lodging options.