Making Friends During an Extended Stay in London

02 May 2017

Even in a city as energetic and welcoming as London, it can be a challenge to find friends that share your interests and lifestyle. If you’ve moved into town on an extended stay for business, you might be short on time to meet new people. You might have more flexibility if the purpose of your trip is pleasure, but let’s face it: You can’t spend every night at the pub trying to start up a chat with other patrons. Instead of putting your social life on hiatus during your long term stay in London, try a few of these options on for size.

Get Active: Going social with sports or outdoor activities is an ideal way to meet people that share your enthusiasm for activities. The British Cycling Federation can match you up with a local chapter and the clubs accommodate all levels of bicyclists. Like to run? Check out these free running clubs. Go kayaking on the Thames, join a walking group, or become a volunteer for the London Wildlife Trust – anything that allows you to be active and interact with other like-minded people.

Take a Class: Language lessons, wine tastings, cooking classes – London has something for just about everyone. But why not learn more about a hobby you never even knew existed? Try your skills at pyrography (the art of burning wood) at the London Craft Club or create a living terrarium during classes at London Terrarium. You can create something beautiful to brighten things up and give a personal touch to your long term accommodations.

There’s an App for That: You can do just about anything online these days and meeting new people is no different. There are a few mobile apps dedicated to that purpose. MeetUp London allows you to join an activity or create one of your own, or check out the calendar for what’s going on this weekend. CitySocializer is another app for getting together with others to enjoy the city through various activities. Mobile apps are a great option for people who really come out of their shell in a group environment.
While it may take some effort to make new friends when you’re in London on an extended stay, there are plenty of options all around town. If you’re considering a long term trip and need assistance with accommodations, please contact a travel specialist at Myrooms or visit our website to review available lodging options.