London Transportation: Alternatives to The Tube

30 October 2017

We love London’s Underground for public transportation, with its speed, reliability, and expansive coverage of pretty much everywhere around town. But even The Tube can grow tedious at times, especially when you want to actually see where you’re going. The next time you’re out – whether for work or fun – check out these alternatives that offer a new twist on public transportation around London.
Thames Clippers:
This boat service transports about 8500 people every day – both commuters moving between the city’s East and West Sides, and visitors looking for a leisurely sightseeing cruise. No matter which camp you belong to, the Thames Clippers treat you to breathtaking views of London…without the hassles of traffic or cramped Tube cars. The service is frequent (a high-speed vessel departs about every 20 minutes), fast, and affordable. You can even check the website for itinerary suggestions if you’re looking to turn your trip into a special occasion.
Regents Canal Waterbus: 
Take in some London history as you ride on it, traveling between Camden and Little Venice on long, narrow boats that enjoy historic status in the city. Waterbus is a relaxing excursion along Regents Park, taking you past 19th Century architecture, Camden Lock Market, London Zoo, and other stops during your journey. Note that you cannot pay cash – it’s card-only, so bring your Oyster Card.

Emirates Air Line: 
Gaze upon London from above by taking a ride on the Emirates cable car that connects the North and South Sides of the city over the River Thames. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind view of the entire metropolitan area – and beyond, on a clear day – as you travel at a height of almost 300 feet (90 meters). The trip is about 10 minutes, but speeds up to around half that during rush hour, so plan accordingly.