London at its charming best, where everything seems possible

01 January 2016

If you have played Monopoly you will know that Mayfair comes right at the end, is part of a two set instead of the usual three in the game and is the most expensive. Although just a game, it gives a surprisingly accurate pointer to what this luxurious area of London is all about.

Literally named after a fair that ran fortnightly between 1686 and 1764, this area has become the playground for the influential and rich. It’s where you will find luxury shops, top restaurants and classy clubs plus the biggest concentration of five star hotels in the whole city. It is one of the most expensive and sought after areas to live in and to celebrities it is the place to be seen and they are often spotted enjoying the sights of this famous area.

It is considered a millionaires playground and the high quality of the socialising choices reflects this. There are many Michelin starred restaurants crammed into this tiny area of central London but there are also some good choices that won’t break the bank too much. For the top end of the spectrum, you should visit The Greenhouse which is an immaculate fine French dining experience but also does a reasonably priced set menu for £35, which is unreal value for the area. For a cheaper option The Market Brasserie should be on your list where people go to for their lobster.

Of course Mayfair isn’t just about stuffing your face and drinking the night away. Burlington Arcade is the place to go for shopping in the area and has been selling upmarket good since 1819. It’s worth a visit purely for the history, if you can’t stomach shelling out the pounds for a new David Duggan watch. The Royal Institution is based here, which is a charity funded place to connect you with all things science and their exhibitions will expand your mind, if only a little.

This classy part of London is infamous on Monopoly, known around the world and it shows no sign of losing that reputation and I’m sure you want to get involved.

You can find the rooms to rent in Mayfair here.