June 21st

14 June 2021

As we slowly approach the big day when most lockdown restrictions are meant to be lifted, there is a strange mix of excitement, disbelief, and anxiety in the air. Some have been waiting for the June 21st date since the new roadmap was announced by Downing Street. To others, it still feels too soon, too fast, too unbelievable. Tonight as Number 10 goes live to announce whether or not the June 21st date will remain in place, we must prepare ourselves for either outcome.

Managing expectations

The grim reality is that even if most restrictions are lifted next week, life certainly won’t go back to ‘normal’ just yet. There is still the largest vaccine rollout underway, regular testing, and mask-wearing. If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we must be grateful for the little things. Therefore even if most restrictions are lifted, do not get discouraged if this summer is still not akin to the summer of 2019. Enjoy the liberties we have now. The ability to hug one another and go see a loved one. And remember that there is a collective effort to do our part to stop the spread of the virus until herd immunity via vaccination is achieved.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

To say that the June 21st plan will be pushed back 3-4 more weeks is not necessarily the ‘worst’. We want nothing more than to keep pushing forward to a post-pandemic world. But we must still be led ‘by data and not dates’. Summer and good weather is finally here. So even if we don’t make it to the final stage next week, we still have many things which we are now able to do that we weren’t a before. Instead of plunging into a ‘doomer’ mindset, remember all the things that you are able to enjoy now.

Going slow wins the race

The vaccine rollout has once again been sped up in order to battle against the Delta variant now present in the UK. However we must remember that we have a personal responsibility (getting tested, following guidelines, mask-wearing) to help suppress the spread of the virus as well. By continuing to be cautious, we aid the ability to keep case numbers down. Furthermore easing the strain on our beloved NHS who have worked tirelessly since March 2020. Although they say life is short, it’s a whole lot longer than a couple of years. We may want things now and this pandemic feels like it’s been here forever. But remember that this is just a small chunk of what will be a long and fruitful life.

Be kind to each other

It is not a lie to say that people have been tense. Everyone has their own opinion on lockdowns and restrictions. Which can easily lead to clashes. Thus, we must try our best to be kind to one another and not aggravate tensions until they burst. Be patient with those who are still in lockdown mentality and fear enjoying the liberties we have gained from the past stages. But also do not antagonise those who demand normality now. Look after yourself and your own mental health, instead of trying to change others’ minds. Remember that a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Especially in a time where we feel more cut off from human contact than ever before.


Going forward or pushing back, it’s not the end of the world. Everyone’s individual feelings about the past year and a half are valid to an extent. As mentioned in a previous blog, humans are wonderfully good at adapting to changing circumstances. And there will be an end. The rooms we rent across Central London and surrounding areas still make for an enjoyable flat-share experience. With open green spaces dotted around and a variety of outdoor (or socially-distanced indoor) venues. Additionally Khan’s new pledge “Let’s Do London” which aims to revitalise London’s hospitality and entertainment industry. Either way, there is much to look forward to this summer 2021. So let’s keep on keeping on.


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