Is Dalston the coolest place in London?

20 February 2016

Dalston is a crazy concoction of where culture meets religion. This area of East London has followed in the footsteps of Shoreditch and has become a magnet for all things culture. But it still has kept it’s strong Turkish and Afro Caribbean communities influence, and that mix with young creatives moving into the area makes it truly unique. Dalton is like Shoreditch’s artier, more crazier cousin.

It’s difficult not to describe Dalston as chaotic but it is an organised mess that seems to work. You will see busy markets, packed roads and crazy characters all over the place. It has become one of the newest and deemed coolest places to live and the list is endless with things to do here and there seems to be no stopping the area’s development. If you rent a room in the area, you will definitely love it! It’s miles away from the more traditional, historical London you will find in the West or within Westminster but Dalston is proof of how this city is a melting pot of culture and all walks of life.

The Dalston high street is where most of the action takes place and there are tonnes of small bars and clubs that stay open until the early hours. But you will also find brilliant, smaller live music venues helping the underground music scene thrive and cheap restaurants of all cuisines.

For a night out Passing Clouds is everything Dalston is all about and is always a brilliant night. It is found behind the back of the Haggerston pub and it is a venue which is wonderfully colourful inside, and the vibe is electric. They make live music their mission and the music moves across from jazz, reggae, hip-hop to world music and then the DJ’s take over keeping the dance floor packed to past 4am. For eating out, locals swear by Mangal Ocakbasi, but be warned head there purely for the immaculately grilled meat not the modest dining experience.

Looking for a vibrant area that really sums up what modern London is really about? Dalston is one of the places that answers that question perfectly.

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