If it’s broken, who’ll fix it?

19 December 2014

A busted boiler, a leaky roof; occasionally unforeseen problems can arise in rented accommodation. But some tenants fear a fate worse than a cold shower or a spot of mould on the walls. According to recent research for charity Shelter, one in 12 renters (8%) say they have avoided asking their landlord to repair a problem or improve conditions in the last year because they were scared of eviction. Its a concern countered by Myrooms.co.uk, which offers practical, ongoing assistance to the tenants who use its services.

The YouGov survey of more than 4,500 private renters suggested that many are too scared of losing their accommodation to complain. As competition for rented rooms in London is fierce, it appears some tenants are willing to put up with unsatisfactory conditions rather than risk being replaced by someone less willing to rock the boat. Their fears aren’t entirely unwarranted – the research noted that one in 50 (2%) private sector tenants said they had been evicted or served with an eviction notice because they had complained to their landlord or letting agent about something that was not the tenant’s responsibility, such as a repair that needed to be made.

As well as providing a fast and efficient service for sourcing and booking rooms in the heart of the capital, Myrooms.co.uk wants to ensure its clients have a positive experience throughout their stay. In addition to contracting with reputable landlords, it has taken the pain out of asking for assistance. Tenants can use its online maintenance form to lodge queries concerning repairs, maintenance and problems with appliances. Tenants can even upload photos to illustrate their concerns. Alternatively, Myrooms.co.uk staff can be contacted on info@myrooms.co.uk to assist – meaning tenants can get on with enjoying a hassle-free home.