Your Healthcare Portfolio for an Extended Stay Abroad

09 June 2017

You’ve got your passport in order, airfare is booked, and you’ve arranged awesome accommodations for your extended stay in a foreign country. And as you check items off your packing list, you breathe a sigh of relief. If there’s anything you’ve left behind, you can always buy it when you get to your destination, right?


Not so fast. In the excitement, many unfortunate travelers forget a critical item as they embark on a long-term trip abroad – one that isn’t so easy to replace upon arrival: A healthcare portfolio. Few things are more important than your health, so make sure you include these essentials on your packing list.

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Health Insurance Information: Carry your health insurance card with you wherever you go, both your regular plan and supplemental travel health insurance policy information. In the event that you need to make a claim, it’s handy to have copies of claim forms as well.


Meds: Of course, you’ll pack up the prescription medications you take regularly, but you may also need special treatments for your trip. Talk to your doctor about prescriptions for malaria, diarrhea, or a general antibiotic – depending on where your journey is taking you. In addition, consider taking some basic over-the-counter meds that can be more expensive abroad. Stock up on pain relievers, allergy medicine, cough and cold drugs, antacids, and others you may use frequently.

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First Aid Kit: You don’t need to take along a snake-bite and suture kit, but it’s smart to carry the basics. Make sure to include bandages, elastic wraps, gauze, antiseptic, tweezers, sunburn ointment, and anything specific for your destination.

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My Medical: Download the My Medical app for Android or iPhone and you’ll have a comprehensive database of your personal medical information whenever you need it. It’s an ideal way to take along important medical information without dragging paper records around during your trip.


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