Go West! To Bright and Bustling Hammersmith!

31 August 2015

Sandwiched between South Kensington and Shepherd’s Bush it’s easy to see how this popular area has so much to get your teeth into.

Hammersmith has managed to stand the test of time as London constantly changes throughout the years. Originally a small village, it grew to be one of London’s main industrial areas but now it has morphed into a hotbed for culture and is one of West London’s main employment hubs. Even American news giants NBC and ABC have made Hammersmith home for their news.

The Hammersmith area has the Thames running through and it allows for some excellent walks and bike rides to be had. You can also admire the impressive Hammersmith Bridge which was London’s very first suspension bridge over the Thames or simply boat watch from the riverside.

Hammersmith has had some notable people born there including the actors Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch and there still is a big emphasis on the arts. Here you will find the newly formed Lyric theatre which is a multimillion arts powerhouse that also boasts recording studios that go alongside its main attraction, plays. For the rooms to rent in this area, they are incredibly well located and a flatshare in the neighbourhood will attract many people.

Hammersmith has much to offer in the drinking and eating variety. The Dove is a solid choice with its riverside location, fine selection of ales and rich history. Charles II dined his mistress here and it also happens to have a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the smallest bar room in the world.

For eating out there is the mega tasty Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Saigon which is rumored to have some of the best soft shell crab in town. For something more everyday needs, Artisan is a proper coffee shop that gets its beans from the excellent Allpress in Shoreditch and conjures up top level espresso and milk consistency in their coffees.

Hammersmith has a rich history that is proud of however it has also embraced the future and thats what makes Hammersmith such an exciting place to live.

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