A Foodie’s Guide for the Kitchen in an Extended Stay Abroad

22 January 2018

So, you’ve booked that awesome long term rental space in a land famed for its fantastic cuisine and you’re ready to test your culinary talents. It’s a foodie’s dream scenario, until you realize that you’ll be leaving your home kitchen and most of your gourmet tools behind. Well, fear not: Any country with a celebrated gastronomic history got its reputation way before there was electricity to power up your stand mixer. You just need to shake up your kitchen game to be more in tune with your new digs.
  • Simplify: When you’re living in long term stay accommodations, it’s likely that your kitchen will be stocked with basic gadgets – and that’s all you’ll need. Simple cooking is the best cooking because it allows the flavors and essences of the ingredients to shine through; plus, good, clean eating has numerous health benefits. Make sure you’ve got a sharp knife and a couple of decent-quality pans, and you’ll be prepared for anything in the kitchen.

  • Get Friendly with Local Sources: Living abroad, you’ll definitely find the neighborhood butcher, fishmonger, produce supplier, bakery, and so on – just like at home. The difference is that they may not all be under one roof. Local purveyors often have a stand-alone shop where they sell their offerings, enabling them to give you more personalized attention. Get to know these owners/operators! These folks are a wealth of information about what’s fresh, what’s good, and how to prepare it.

  • Be Prepared to Shop Daily: In most long-term rentals abroad, you’ll find that the fridge and icebox are smaller than what you’re used to. Less space for storage means you’re not likely to do the once-a-week, stock-up grocery trip like you do at home. You may even find that you’re shopping as often as daily, so food doesn’t go bad before you can prepare it. This is a good thing! When you hit the market daily, you get your ingredients at the peak of freshness – and your cooking will reflect that.

With these tips, you may just find that you don’t miss your kitchen at home while living in an extended stay space. Do you have any recommendations for people heading abroad? Please share your thoughts.