Exam Season

02 May 2021

Whilst us adults look forward to April and May due to its many public holidays, it is now crunch time for students. Undergraduate university exams begin next month, with a lot of course/practical work due this one. Students everywhere are trying to muster up the willpower to lurch themselves from their day out in the park and back to the desk. Although at times the workload may seem overwhelming, there are ways to survive this period.

Know your learning style

Are you an auditory or visual learner? Kinetic even? We all have different ways of retaining information. So if one way may not seem to work for you, instead of trying to force yourself through it – switch it up! You may find that you remember a whole lot more of a textbook when listened. Furthermore, changing learning styles can help studying feel more dynamic as opposed to monotonous.

Eat, sleep, repeat

Burnout is real. Even if the sugar from the fourth Red bull you’ve consumed may tell you otherwise. If we push our bodies to the limit and deny ourselves the basic necessities we need, we punish ourselves in the long run. Listen to your tummy when it growls. Or your brain when it feels like it can’t retain any new information. A big part of student life is constantly feeling guilty for not studying. But we are not robots and we require rest.


We are taught that we should be able to support ourselves. However one of our greatest strengths as humans is our communication. If you feel like you are not grasping a concept discussed in an online lecture; reach out to someone. Either a classmate who may be able to support you, or the lecturer themselves. You can even argue that collaboration is another great way of studying. As you explain the information to others, you reinforce it for yourself!

Be strict, but not unkind

It’s important to be self-disciplined with your study regime. Be it through making a revision timetable, having allocated days, or telling a friend that you can’t spend time with them right now. As mentioned previously, remembering to look after your body and to rest is also important. But we all need to push ourselves from time to time. On the other hand, there are also times where we may falter. Revision notes that weren’t entirely finished, chapters not completely read. Maybe you did go meet that friend. Nevertheless when we do slip up, the worst thing we can do is beat ourselves up over the past. Take it as reserving fuel for the next time round, and be kind to yourself.

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