Details to Cover with The Host of Your Extended Stay Space in London

08 March 2017

The planning phase for an extended stay in a new city is almost as exciting as the trip itself – the dream truly becomes a reality when you’re booking flights, packing up your personal items, and learning more about your destination. And as you’re wrapping things up at your current abode, you’ll start looking into extended stay lodging options. You have an almost-endless array of accommodation types, but finding the right fit means you’ll need to cover the details with the host. Put these particulars at the top of your list.


The Money: Obviously, you’ll need to know the rental amount and term of the long term stay time period, but there’s more than just cost. Some hosts will offer a discount if you book for a certain minimum time period – if you’ve got the flexibility, take advantage of reduced rental rates by adding on a couple of weeks.

Also, you’ll need to understand how and when you’ll pay. Is the entire amount due up front, or do you forward rental fees monthly? Make sure you ask about your host’s payment details, such as whether you need to forward a check or pay online through a booking service. Finally, inquire about a security and/or damage deposit and the circumstances on obtaining a refund. With the financial side of things, you don’t want any surprises.


The Perks: Extended stay accommodations offer a wide range of amenities, so make sure you investigate the perks when discussing lodging with your host. You’ll want to know about internet access and cable, and any other relevant utilities. Ask about features like laundry facilities, workout space, and other activities in the building or otherwise included in your rental amount.

In addition, get the details about your neighborhood – the specifics that go beyond it being just a spot on the map. Check on public transportation nearby, parks and green space, coffee shops, restaurants, nightlife, and options where you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities.


The Rules: Always remember that you’re staying in the host’s own space and honor the rules of the house. Find out the rules about having overnight guests, smoking or drinking, the common areas (if any), quiet hours, or usage of different amenities.

Plus, ask if there are any consequences of early cancelation or whether it’s possible to extending your trip. You never know what can change in the months that you’re spending on a long term stay in London.