Catering for GloMads

18 April 2015

Are you a ‘GloMad’? This century has spawned a new tribe of Global Nomads – people open to travelling from place to place over longer periods of time, often for employment. And the perfect solution for one of these young travellers looking to set up a base in central London for work (and, of course, play)? A room rented through

Coming from locations where renting is the norm, like Paris, Munich or Barcelona, this influx of young, affluent international tenants has high expectations of rental property. caters for this discerning clientele by offering high-end rooms to rent in prime central London locations including the City of London, Chelsea, Notting Hill and Belgravia. Around 90% of the website’s users are professionals, with 75% of its clients international and just 25% from the UK.

As well as wanting good quality accommodation in central city locations, ‘GloMads’ also benefit from the camaraderie that can come from a shared accommodation experience, making new friends on their own doorstep. While taking over a whole rental in a more luxurious neighbourhood may be costly for a young professional, taking a room gives you the trophy postcode without the price – and without tying you to long-term leases should your ‘GloMadic’ feet start to itch for new scenery.

At the top end of the market, renting can be cut-throat – coveted rental properties going to sealed bids and sometimes even being let without ‘physical’ viewings. offers experienced property management and support for those finding their feet in a new city. With aims to reach 200 properties in 2015 – some 800 tenancies – it also offers a wide choice of selection within Zone One from Maida Vale to Mayfair.

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