Acton for the West Londoners

27 August 2015

Acton is a bustling West London area that happens to straddle zones two and three and has seven tube stations serving it. It’s not one of the more famous areas of West London but don’t be alarmed as it does tick all the boxes on the where to live checklist.

This former ancient village became the destination for escaping the city in the 17th century for courtiers and lawyers. It’s now a popular place to live in West London that can rival any of the other areas the capital can offer.

Acton is where you will find London’s first and only trampoline park, Oxygen free jumping. Which as the name clearly suggests is all about throwing yourself around in their 150 strong jumping paradises. If you need a park of the more green variety? There is the impressive Gunnersbury park, where you will find a medley of formal gardens, open spaces and tree lined paths alongside lakes and old country houses. When you rent a room in Acton, you will find that those attractions are a plus for your stay.

For a night out away from the ordinary. You can’t go wrong (or forget) the Aeronaut on Acton High Street. It is a half pub/half circus hybrid that serves drinks from its in-house brewery and also wows the crowds with their very own cabaret performers. A good choice for lazy Sunday pints is The George and Dragon that acts as host for the Dragonfly Brewery and their solid range of own-made drinks.

Locals also swear by the Chinese restaurant North China ran by the Lou family that has become something of a local institution. It has been cooking for over forty years and with tasty and stupidly well priced dishes you can see why. Shopping wise, Acton has all the expected supermarkets and there is there is the Oaks Shopping centre which is good for your basic needs, although don’t expect anything too fancy.

For West London, Acton may not have the reputation as being the most glamorous or cultured. But there are some awesome bars and places to hang out here and Acton seems to be going only one way. And that is up.

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