Accommodation that is full of beans

16 February 2015

True caffeine addicts will go to great lengths to ensure they get their regular coffee fix. And the true aficionado will want to make sure the best beans and baristas are within staggering distance of their accommodation so that they are sufficiently caffeinated to start the day.

The good news is that areas with the highest concentration of ‘bijou’, independent coffee shops coincides with a number of the areas where offers flatshare or house share opportunities.

Using data from the London Coffee Guide, Rentonomy has put together an infographic showing where you should rent to get the best cup of coffee in London. Research shows 80 per cent of Londoners consume at least one cup of coffee daily, with an average of 2.3 cups consumed per head of population in the capital each day.

Coffee certainly seems to fuel the economy: unsurprisingly, prime City of London postcodes sit at the top of the list, followed by Marylebone and the West End. More affordable rental postcodes which can cater for coffee fans include Islington and Camden Town.

 The Rentonomy study also suggests where you should live depending on how you take your coffee. The City workers prefer the buzz of a double espresso, while Holborn residents enjoy a mocha – less coffee taste with the same pick-me-up. Shoreditch coffee purists prefer a macchiato to avoid getting a foam moustache on their own moustache.

And while assessing coffee cults may be a fun way to choose an area to rent, there is an underlying benefit in this research for those looking for a new flatshare or house share.

Prime coffee spots tend to signal other developments in terms of cosmopolitan living – new stores, eateries, proximity to business hubs – as well as general gentrification of the surrounding neighbourhood. Indeed, US studies show a correlation between an increasing number of coffee shops in a neighbourhood and declining crime rates. So, its a definite way of getting a taste for a new area!

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