A mix of culture and trends, you will love, Shoreditch

26 November 2015

It’s hard to compare another area that has a facelift as momentous as Shoreditch has over the past twenty years. It is an area that is bursting at the seams with art and culture and most of the creative industries have made this eastern area of London their home.

Shoreditch was already there before the creatives moved in, but they certainly injected some much needed character into the area. Before the Second World War, this inner city district was a rough working class area that only survived on the small industries based there. After the conflict ended though this all changed as technology advances moved the industries out and the area deteriorated into crime and poverty. The only remaining odes to the past were the desolate factories and warehouses that became the heart of what Shoreditch is today.

The term hipster goes hand in hand here and although this is often made as a joke, there is no denying how vibrant and fun this place is. There are endless art exhibitions, live gigs, fashion shows and awesome venues to drink, eat and party in. It simply is associated with all of the above and people can’t stop coming back. You will never get bored here.

For recommendations this is more of a needle in the haystack one. But for food, a place that embodies the innovation of Shoreditch is Dishoom, which serves Bombay cuisine cafe style on small plates and it has an atmosphere almost as good as the food. For music, Village Underground is one of the bigger venues that puts on eclectic line ups from touring bands, to techno right across to dub and reggae. For a place to stay, the rooms to rent are affordable and benefit from good standards. A room to rent in Shoreditch meets medium prices and you will not think twice before renting in Shoreditch. There also is The Old Blue Last, the Vice magazine owned bar that can be an interesting option to catch smaller alternative live acts. There are so many decent bars around that simply taking the plunge and bar hopping will guarantee you find somewhere up your street.

When the morning comes and you need that extra zip to get ahead with your day, head to Allpress coffee which is an independently run coffee house, that roast their own beans and employ only the best baristas that not only know how to make proper coffee but also have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the science behind it.

So there you have it, Shoreditch has become the home for all things creative that has branched out and now is a magnet for anyone looking for some culture or just a good time.

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