No one’s home for Christmas? Here’s how to prepare your shared accommodation for a period of no occupants.

20 December 2021


UK Christmas in 2021 is looking a lot different from last year. Although we must still stay vigilant with the Omicron variant circling about, gatherings are still allowed (with limits depending on where you are in the UK). Naturally, the many of us who did not get to see family and loved ones last year will be eager to reunite this year for festive celebrations. If you are living in shared accommodation, perhaps you and your flatmates are planning to be away over the Christmas/New Year period. Therefore we’ve created a handy checklist of things you need to do before the property is left vacant for a period of days. 

Food: Binned

One common mistake we’ve all made at some point in the past has been leaving perishables to rot over the time we’re away from home. Make sure you and your flatmates check fridges and cupboards for any food predicted to go off, and dispose/use accordingly. One handy piece of advice would be to coordinate with the others in your accommodation. In the couple of weeks leading up to the festive holidays, instead of everyone individually buying large quantities of fruit/vegetables/other perishables, aim to only have a consumable amount. The less left behind the better! 

Heating: Off 

Many of our properties have heating and boilers scheduled in order to ensure no energy waste. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that the holiday period is already accounted for. Before the last person leaves, they should check that the heating will not come on needlessly whilst no one is in the house. At the end of the day, it’s your money that you save! 

Security: Secured 

This one may seem silly - but Myrooms has seen it all! That’s why we’re telling you to always double check that the property is securely locked over long periods of vacancy. You may have gotten accustomed to leaving the bathroom window constantly ajar, or the back entrance to the garden unlocked. Remember, burglars also know that this is the time where a lot of houses will be empty, so don’t make their job easier. Communicate with those living in your house, and ensure the last person who leaves has double checked that everything is secured. 

Plants/Pets: Not Dying 

What is more depressing, than coming back home in the new year to find your plants withered away? Or your fish emaciated? Always make sure to look after any living organisms in your property, and make proper caring arrangements for them. If everyone will be gone for a significant length of time, it’s always best for peace of mind to leave them with someone who can look after them. 

Cleaning: Done 

Another depressing image for you! You come home after a lovely 2-week Christmas celebration with your loved ones. You are the first one to arrive back home in high spirits. You then proceed to discover dirty dishes with food cemented to the plates, the laundry you left creating a pungent smell in your room, and you cannot even properly unpack as the floor is dirty. Travelling back home is always tiring, so help yourself by cleaning the property before you leave. Create a cleaning checklist with your flatmates. This also helps ward off the chances of infestation becoming a problem to have to report to your landlord down the line. Plus, is it not the nicest feeling to come back to a clean home after a while away? 

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Myrooms