3 Essential Wardrobe Pieces to Dress Like a Londoner

15 May 2017


You’ve definitely seen that person around town. The one whose wardrobe screams “tourist” – from the college-logo sweatshirt and Nike shoes to the backward baseball cap and camera around the neck. Not only is this look tacky, but it can get you barred from certain attractions and upscale hot spots in London. Plus, attire that demonstrates your visitor status can even be dangerous, making you a target for pickpockets and more violent offenders.

If you’d rather stay home than don some get-up that pegs you as a tourist, read on. There are three wardrobe pieces you’ll need to buy, beg for, or borrow to dress like a Londoner.


  1. A Wool Scarf: A cozy scarf will keep you warm in winter, but you’ll want it to face the London chill at other times of the year as well. Choose a lightweight wool that works well under a coat and can also work as a wrap over clothing. If you prefer to buy when you arrive, hit up H&M to check out their huge selection of wool scarves for men, women, and children.


  1. Black Trousers: If there’s one wardrobe essential to spend some serious cash on for a London trip, it’s the classic black trouser. You can dress these pants up or down, so they make an easy transition from an office or professional setting to a night on the town. They also hide the urban grit and grime that make your khakis look nasty. Black trousers come in every size, in many different cuts, you can get them in a wide variety of fabrics, and they go with literally everything.


  1. A Lightweight Sweater: For most of the year, you’ll be perfectly comfortable in a lightweight sweater – either on its own or over another shirt. Because it’s relatively thin, you can easily incorporate a sweater as a layer … and layers are critical sometimes-brisk, often-rainy London. Hint: Pair your lightweight sweater with the wool scarf, and you’re set for 7-8 months of the year!

You should definitely experience London as a tourist, especially when enjoying an extended stay in the city. But that doesn’t mean you need to look like one. With these three pieces, you’ll blend right in along with the long term residents. For more information on life in London, check out the Myrooms blog or contact a travel specialist to review available lodging options around town.